Yousef Khanfar, on the side of humanity

“Perhaps the most striking thing about Khanfar’s portraits of women who are incarcerated for nonviolent crimes is their optimistic humanism…In statements accompanying the images, most of these women seem remorseful and philosophical, but not bitter, about the crimes that got them there…” ~American Photo

Invisible Eve

The Book cover of the Book Invisible Eve writen by Yousef Khanfar

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Invisible Eve


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Rarely does the soul of an art truly echo and celebrate its subject so supremely.


In Invisible Eve, award-winning photographer, and writer Yousef Khanfar, in his lifelong search for the essence of humanity, goes behind prison walls, where women convicted of nonviolent crimes are cast away and forgotten. From their cold, dark cells, he brings us powerful images and messages—not to condemn or commiserate, but to serve as bridges of understanding.


While completing Invisible Eve, Yousef Khanfar came to the understanding that he might not be able to help the women inside prison, but their voices might help women outside prison. So he asked each woman, after taking her portrait, to write a few words of wisdom for the next generation. The women’s voices are insightful, some powerful and some painful. The hope is that men and women, especially young boys and girls, will find some wisdom within these pages, where the fault of one being might be the salvation of another.


Yousef Khanfar’s images and words continue to seduce us, to transcend the dark corridors of our world, leaving us spellbound and perpetually fascinated by the visible and invisible shadows, by the loud and quiet chaos, which insists that humanity exists—and that enlightened civilization is an attainable possibility.